Paper instructions

Here are two links which go into further detail concerning the Anthropology of both Sex and Gender.

The first is a video discussion on the varieties of gender norms in non-western culture. The other is a link to a longer description concerning gender and sexuality studies.

Coupled with Tuesday’s lecture and PPT. Please write an essay on the following topic:

From the anthropological viewpoint, sex is determined biologically and might be considered binary. However, research show that might not always be so. While gender is defined as what each and every culture defines and allows to be male and female roles to be performed by people living in a culture.

Often times we get away from the science of human gender and sexuality and they become embedded in the “Culture Wars”. Case in point, Sen. Josh Hawley, just made the news about gender roles, here is a news link:

After reviewing all we’ve discussed, the PPTs and the video and article. How would you respond to Sen. Hawley as an anthropologist?

To complete the assignment you MUST write THREE PARAGRAPHS in response to the question posed.

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