BSN 435 Hallmark paper


Identify and discussion basic designs, corresponding questions, analytical methods related to research questions, and limits on implications of findings (e.g., causal vs. relational)

Write a 6-8 page (not including the title and reference pages) paper
APA formatted paper with an introduction and conclusion.
APA headings for each section of the paper
At least 5 peer reviewed articles
Step 1: Research

Review previous research and new research to complete.
You may want to base this research on your idea for your Capstone Project.
Step 2: Consider

For your final paper you will identify an issue in nursing and explore the evidence.
What is the problem?
What do you hope to achieve by addressing it?
Identify your search strategies
What level of evidence were you able to find?
Write a literature review of at least 5 articles to address your problem.
Step 3: Write
Write a paper that addresses the questions above.

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