Case Response

Paper instructions

Please answer the following questions:
If you were the judge in the May case, how would you rule and why?
You may or may not find it helpful to consider the following issues in your write up:
Why do so many retailers adopt high-low pricing or other highly intensive pricing policies?
Is high-low pricing intrinsically deceptive? If not, when does it become so?
Are consumers influenced by high-low pricing? If so, how?
Are consumers harmed by high-low pricing? Are retailers harmed?
How should we interpret the consumer survey data (Exhibit 7 and 8)?
Do not exceed 1 page (12-point uncondensed Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides). If your write-up exceeds 1 page (or you use a smaller font, smaller spacing, or smaller margins), you will lose points.

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