Case Scenario Project

1. Case Scenario Project—this project will show your ability to associate information from
different sources to create a narrative. In this project you will utilize different resources to
create a fictional patient suffering from a pathology (ies) of your choosing. Your case scenario
should incorporate ALL of the following criteria:
2.The case scenario will incorporate data covering three (3) distinct time periods in the fictious
patient illness.
3.Each time period should possess the following data and interpretation of data
a. Physiological description
b. Pertinent lab data (ABG, chemistry, sputum, CBC, etc…)
c. Radiological support (CXR, CT, MRI, etc…)
d. other imaging such as bronchoscopy imaging will be considered as an
e. consider utilizing central line or swan ghanz data in developing
f. the more information that is provided the stronger the assignment.
4. I strongly urge you to outline and map this project so that is demonstrates the progression or
resolution of the disease process you are portraying.
5. Do not pattern this after a real scenario. That will limit your data and create shortcomings

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