Critical Analysis Essay

Critical synthesis

The articles that we have read in the class introduce us to some conversations/debates that are about different topics. In this assignment, you need to present a debate, respond to it, and provide reasons and evidence to support your responses. In order to accomplish this, you need to (note: I will also use the following bullet points as grading criteria):

  • Select at least 3 sources from the class readings.
    • One of them has to be peer-reviewed article or published book chapter.
    • These 3 sources should share the same/similar topic.
  • Present at least one debate that you have identified in those 3 sources.
  • Clearly state your
    • Provide reasons and evidence to support your thesis
    • Your thesis should respond to the debate
  • Use at least two ways (agree, disagree, agree and disagree at the same time; anticipate/acknowledge) to respond to voices in the sources.
    • A rebuttal of a counterargument is required.
  • Include at least one effective synthesis in your essay.

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