Field notes 3: Athropology

Paper instructions


In field notes 3 you will look for an anthropological concept in the film that you watched for field notes 2. As you watch, you are an anthropologist observing behavior, and taking notes for yourself. Your notes must be at least one page. There is no need to use citations because you will not be using sources, just your impressions.
For Assignment 3 (due later in the semester) you will identify three anthropological core concepts to explain the behavior of a character or characters in your film. For field notes #3 you will be working on one of these concepts. Choose a concept from the list below, and identify a scene in which this concept is evident in the behavior of one or more of the characters. Following are the course concepts:
• Cultural symbols
• Assimilation
• Enculturation
• Ethnocentrism
• Gender
• Family/Kinship
• Marriage
• Political Systems
• Economic Systems
• Religion/Systems of belief
• Globalization

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