Fuzzy Logic


Lofti A. Zadeh first proposed fuzzy logic in 1965; he introduced for the first time the theory of the fuzzy set and fuzzy mathematics. His theory allowed experts to use mathematics to handle logical non-precise phenomena. Fuzzy logic became one of the famous knowledge representation and inference tools that are used to develop expert systems. Although there are many expert systems built around the concept of fuzzy logic, there is an argument that fuzzy logic is not suitable for all expert systems applications.

In this Discussion, you will choose a position and defend your opinion using scientific arguments. In addition, you will support your opinion using real-life applications.


To prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources and media for this week.
  • Research online sources, including articles, related to fuzzy logic and fuzzy expert systems.
  • Reflect on your own personal experiences or your understanding of fuzzy logic and fuzzy expert systems.



Post in APA7 format in which you include:


  • Describe Two of the fuzzy models stated in the literature that is used in developing fuzzy expert systems.
  • Clearly state your position in the debate about whether fuzzy logic is suitable for all expert systems applications. Justify your position.
  • Support your arguments using Four real-life applications of expert systems.













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