Macroeconomics paper

Paper instructions

Explain why you think China may or may not overtake the U.S. as the strongest economy in the world, within the next 20 years.
1. 875-1,250 words in length, this does not include cover page, table of contents, or endnotes.
2. Cover page, table of contents, and endnotes are required elements of paper.
3. Either APA or MLA style, report should include both footnotes and endnotes.
4. “Normal” MS Word margins (1” Top, bottom, left, right), with page numbering. Paragraphs should have justified alignment.
5. Font type: Times New Roman Font size: 12
6. Line spacing: 1.5”
7. All information sources in the report must be referenced and cited. 3 source minimum. The report will be checked for plagiarism with the Turnitin program.
8. Minimum of 3 graphs/tables/charts in the report, maximum of 5. Graphs should be labeled “Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.”, Tables should be labeled “Table 1, Table 2, etc”. All graphs must be embodied within the report narrative and not at the end of the report. No graphic shall cover more than 1/3 of the writing area on any report page. Graphics must be consistent in size and formatting.

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