Manufacturing of Biomedical Dev

Project Outline
Manufacturing of Biomedical Devices
(Semester A, 2021 – 2022)
The main purpose of this individual term project is to motivate ourselves to discover, understand and
elaborate about the current manufacturing technology for biomedical devices in the market. (A new
technology under the research and development stage is normally not considered.) Each student is required to analyze
on one type of commercially available biomedical devices in different aspects as a 4-page report with the
template format provided. The work allocation is suggested as the followings:
Section Title Max. Length Suggested content
1 Introduction 0.5 page Describe about the related physiology of the human body and/or
treatment for pathology of the human health problem involved. And
identify the necessity of the selected biomedical device.
2 Working principle 0.5 page Discuss on the working principle of the selected device, and how it relates
to the mentioned physiology/clinical treatment.
3 Product design
criteria of the
selected component
1 Page Mention the component of a product to be considered in this project.
Discuss on the other factors and considerations involved in the product
design (e.g. shapes and dimensions) of the component. Taking a bone
fixation plate for example, how thick the plate should be in order to
support the human weight?
4 Material selection 0.5 Page Specify the requirements on material properties based on the device
working principle. Discuss on the material selection on the selected part
of the device.
5 Proposed
0.5 Page Suggest one possible manufacturing process for the selected device
compartment with sufficient explanations. For example, you may discuss
on the required process parameters of machining based on the material
6 Process
1 Page Formulate the configuration of the manufacturing process parameters as
an optimization problem. Detailed analysis on the suggested process
References, and
No limit
Page limit: No more than 4 pages, including cover page but excluding references and any appendices.
MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED for a super lengthy report!

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