Paez HBS Case Study

Assignment Question:
1. The case suggests five different brand positioning options for PAEZ:
a) Which one would you recommend and why? By which criteria are you evaluating and
choosing the best the options? you can pick one of the suggested ones, or develop your
own according to where you have identified opportunities such as white spaces.?
b) Write and defend “your” suggested positioning option and be very explicit about how you
are creating differentiation for the segment (s).
c) Describe the “best” segment for Paez.
2. How does you market analysis (context, company, consumer and competitive factors)
influence your choice of segmentation and positioning strategy?
3. Pando claims that “a weakness or a strength of Paez is that it has too many values, while our
competitors have just one core value”. Do you consider this to be a weakness or a strength for
a brand like Paez?
4. Now, assume you have presented your recommendations to the board and they ask you,
“What is the most important thing we don’t know that we need to know?”
• Use Times New Roman (single spaced) 12-point font for the write-up. The first page should be
a title page with your name and section
• Answers to all 4 questions should be independently addressed, numbered and following the
order 1-4.

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