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Paper instructions


Paper 5: The Research Paper
DUE: See Due Date table
Value: 200 possible points
Length: 4-6 pages
Spacing: Double-spaced
Style: MLA, APA, or Chicago
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 10 or 12 point
Title: Required
Cover Page: Optional
Sources: 6 required sources

Instructions: Write a four-to-six-page research paper on any topic of your choice. Use any six sources.
Topics: Pick a topic of interest to yourself. It does not have to be academic. Personal interests and social issues make good topics. The topic does not have to be controversial. For example, if you are interested in anime, write about that. If you enjoy photography, write about that. If you are concerned about a social issue, write about that, etc.
Avoid writing about yourself: the research paper is not a narrative.
Sources: Use sources that make sense with your topic. For example, if writing about skateboarding, one or two videos would work well. If writing about nutrition, charts would work well. If writing on mathematics, tables, and equations would work well. If writing on social issues, articles from digital newspapers would work well. Sometimes interviewing someone works well.
Style Manual Resources: The following resources provide information on MLA, APA, and Chicago style documentation.

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