Your assignment is based on the Sustainable Project Planning & Management lectures and groupwork covered during Semester 1. Your answers should be centred on the Task Brief – ‘Preparing your campervan for a weekend away with your mates’

There are 5 sections to answer. Your 5 answers should total c.1600 words

  1. Prepare a Scoping Document for the ‘Campervan task’, using the Scoping format presented during lecture and used in groupwork exercise. Include in the ‘Project Scope and Deliverables’ section, how you will make the project sustainable.
  2. Prepare a Potential Problem Analysis/ Risk Analysis pro forma – as presented during lecture and used in groupwork exercise. You should include 5 separate potential problem/risk factors in the table and provide a brief written piece to describe the area of risk you have chosen and why it will cover legal issues and ensure the safety of the group
  3. Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), in the format shown and used during lecture and groupwork. You should focus the WBS on 5 Main tasks, breaking each main task into 5 Subtasks. Tasks and sub tasks should be numbered as shown during lecture. Identify who will be in charge of the task and its delivery and provide an estimated cost for completing each sub-task
  4. Using the same tasks and WBS numbering style, create a Gantt Chart showing the 5 Main tasks and each sub task, timelines showing starts and finishes
  5. Provide 3 milestones and 3 regular and scheduled reviews and a forecast of where there may be difficulties in managing the project – time, cost and quality.




It is Monday evening. You and 3 friends are planning a trip this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – to a beautiful campsite 50 miles from Bangor, in your newly purchased Campervan. The campsite is in a forest, near mountains, the sea and a lake.

The campervan was a bargain, structurally and mechanically sound, but it is in need of a thorough clean, before you pack and set off. It has a propane gas cooker and two burners, but you were unable to check whether it worked when you bought it because the gas bottle was empty.

You are having a meeting with your 3 friends so that you can plan the trip, decide what you need to take and to share out the jobs to be done.

Jobs might include:

  • Cleaning inside and outside the van
  • Food and drink
  • Sleeping stuff
  • Maps
  • Petrol and propane gas
  • Outdoor equipment – what do you need? – surfboards? Kitesurfers? Canoes? Bikes? Climbing equipment? Waterproofs
  • etc

The campsite has plug-in electricity points and showers. The nearest shop for food and provisions is 20 miles from the site, so you have decided that you should take all food and everything you need, with you.



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