Advertising and Marketing in a Contemporary Media Landscape

Your pitch should contain: 1. a clear and brief statement about the significance of the topic; 2. a succinct summary of key issues, ideas, concepts, debates, perspectives; 3. the identification and rationale for ONE key point that you will discuss; 4. a discussion of your key point/questions you would like the tutorial to pursue; 5. a neat conclusion with one clearly articulated key takeaway. N.B. It is up to you whether you wish to use slides or visual aids. Assessment criteria: • Coherence: a clear structure that provides clarity of coverage • Engagement: effective presentation skills, wherein delivery forms a productive connection with the audience • Knowledge: a demonstrable understanding of material that emerges through an ability to convince the audience of authority/argue effectively • Insight: an ability to apply ideas and concepts productively, as well as a capacity to develop a meaningful set of observations or points.

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