American Cold War culture and/or society of the 1950s.

Choose a commercial, film, music or television show clip produced during the Cold War that you feel reflects American Cold War culture and/or society of the 1950s.  Do not use “Duck and Cover” since this was your short paper topic. Provide a usable link to the forum for viewing. Identify the film’s title, artist(s) release date, and the producer. Describe the central message of the film and link it to the ways it reflects the Cold War culture and/or society of the 1950s. Explain the reasons for your selection of this film. Write your post in paragraph form and adhere to the Chicago Style format. When responding to others agree/disagree or expand on their points. View the forum grading rubric. Below are links to places for looking for material as well as accessibility information. “Accessibility: Commercials in the Highlights album will receive captioning and video description by the Media Access Group of WGBH, which administers the National Center for Accessible Media. Commercials with accessibility features will be added to the collection as they are completed.” The following have closed caption options available. For a more competitive approach, can you think of any films which specifically center upon society’s fear of atomic energy, or the effects of atomic weapons on the human condition? There’s some big ones out there. While there are some great choices regarding paranoia, isolationism and espionage…let’s keep this in the realm of atomic energy and/or nuclear weapons. For this one consult your textbook and/or pursue Netflix, youtube,, and any source on Hollywood during the era.

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