Analysis of an existing, prior negotiation

Your final paper will be an analysis of an existing, prior negotiation. The negotiation you choose should have been dealt with in some public manner (so you can locate documents, information, and research on it, without needing IRB clearance). The negotiation may be local, such as the ESTEM-UALR co-campus settlement, or negotiations after the mass UAMS position and budget cuts. Or it may have been dealt with on a national or international level, such as Trumps USMexico tariffs or any international trade deals, the Illinois Operating Budget Negotiation of 2016, company mergers (like AT&T-Warner or Fox-Disney), teacher/union-school board/state strikes, Apple/US Publishers Lawsuit of 2012, Chen Guangcheng negotiation talks, BREXIT, Iran Prisoner Swap of 2014, 2016 Oregon Protests, Writers Guild Strike of 2008, USA-NATO negotiation of 2018, etc. It is imperative that you research your topic prior to starting your paper to ensure you can locate enough information on how the negotiation was handled. You may even informally conduct your own research prior to writing your paper, such as talking with a parent you know of a current ESTEM student. If you are unsure if a topic will work for this assignment, please email at least a full week prior to the due date to seek approval. This should be an 8- 10 page paper that analyses how the negotiation played out, and what mistakes, challenges, or strategies were important to the negotiation outcome(s). You will be required to apply theories and practices discussed in our course to your analysis, as well as providing recommendations for how these parties could have been more civil and constructive in their negotiation tactics

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