Block-chain Technology

Requirements You are required to research the Blockchain Protocols that are used for Crypto Currency Systems. Blockchain is the backbone security of Crypto Currency. Your research needs to focus on what Blockchain is, how it works, how it secures Crypto Currency, and most importantly how it can be used to secure anything else, such as authentication and authorization of systems and transaction security. In other words, explain how Blockchain can provide integrity, availability, and confidentiality for a system. What is Blockchain? How is it different from existing technologies? • What is Blockchain’s architecture? • How can Blockchain be used in a system for authentication? • How can Blockchain be used in a system for confidentiality? • How can Blockchain be used in a system to provide availability? • Give researched-based recommendations on Blockchain use-cases such as o Insurance processing o Payments o Banking (bank operations) o Energy (for example energy tracking, consumer energy tracking) o Healthcare (for example data preservation) • Are there any current government oversight for Blockchain? Any anticipated? You must use peer-reviewed journals for your research and cite everything properly In APA FORMAT Your paper, using font-size 12, Times New Roman, properly cited and NOT written in first or second person. Paper needs to be at least 2,000 words and double-spaced. Your paper must have the following sections: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Literature Review, Research, Key Findings, Recommendations, Conclusion, References

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