China’s Broad Road Initiative

Address this position paper in essay format. Use appropriate headings for each section e.g. Introduction, Analysis ….References. You may use sub-headings to further your point such as Economic Implications, Cultural Implication etc. Your position paper should be 20-25 pages pages double spaced (not counting title, reference pages or appendix). Use proper grammar and spell check your paper. Use Times New Roman 12 point font, 1” margins all around. This is an individual assignment. Plagiarism is against university policy; do not copy and paste from sources. You may use graphs and pictures if they help to explain your point. Do not use them as page fillers. Research and describe China’s Broad Road Initiative (BRI) or New Silk Road. This will require reading much on the subject matter and include news articles, books, and documentaries. It is your task to explore China’s motivation to form this initiative. Analyze the issue by taking into consideration economic, political, socioeconomic and other necessary back grounds to form a position on China’s motivation. Further, select two locations likely to be impacted by the BRI. One location should be a merging market (select), and the other location a developing nation (e.g. the island of Lamu/ Kenya or else). Research and describe each in depth on the impact on the local economic/market environment, cultural environment, and political environment. After your analysis summarize and conclude your findings and position.

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