Paper instructions

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify a dilemma people face in Communication Ethics to demonstrate your understanding of course concepts and conversations within the field.
Description: Taking revision suggestions from your peers based on early drafts, develop a complete, seamlessly integrated review of relevant literature of a discussion within Communication Studies research to situate a proposed area of research (As further clarification just in case you are not familiar with a research proposal (Links to an external site.)
Must have a case study/problem, major argument (What should be studied further?), introduction, body, and conclusion that clearly define Communication Ethics, contextualize an issue/context concern within Communication Ethics, a rationale for and contribution of studying this issue, AND provide conclusions about the overarching research (what needs to be studied) and future questions (how should it be studied?), and research questions/future areas of study based on your literature.
Incorporate the readings from class as well as outside sources-12-15 Required Sources cited properly in MLA (Links to an external site.)
All claims must be supported with concrete evidence.
Approximately 3000-4000 word essay submitted as a finalized .pdf. Primarily, I will be looking at the word count of your essay, but generally your paper should be 10-12 pages.
Goal: To develop a research proposal in Communication Ethics for future work like the Communication Studies capstone projectLinks to an external site.
Audience and Context: Your instructor and peers at the University of Minnesota in your Communication Ethics course (unless further specified)
A literature review is an overview of research in a given area that helps people understand the area as well as current gaps in the research or further areas of study. The authors provide an overview of the current research on a particular topic and concepts to help the audience familiarize themselves with the materials so they can make an argument about how their future research adds to the understanding of those concepts.

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