Competence and Negligence

Step 1 Write a one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) entry in your learning log. A learning log is a kind of journal in which you reflect on what you’ve learned and record its impact on your understanding or your career goals. Your entry should include the following information: Your understanding of the meaning of legal competence. Your understanding of the meaning of legal negligence. An explanation of the four elements of legal negligence. Step 2 Research cases in your state dealing with legal negligence. Locate a case related to legal negligence. (Note: Your state might use a term such as “legal malpractice.”) Use print or online research tools to find a case of interest to you. For example, you might use LexisOne, a free online case search website, to conduct your search. You will have to complete a free registration process to access cases through LexisOne. Step 3 Identify the four elements of legal negligence in a case. Analyze a legal negligence case in terms of what you know about the elements that make up legal negligence. In your learning log, include a citation for the case and a summary of the potential penalty if the party in question had been found guilty of negligence.

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