How does the idea of intersectionality relate to the study of race, racism, and popular culture?

How does the idea of intersectionality relate to the study of race, racism, and popular culture? With reference to material provided, discuss race and class intersections. How does the idea of “race” get shaped by class intersecting social positions? What kinds of expressions, either representational (i.e., popular cultural images) or structural (i.e., social and political realities), do these intersections take on? Class = prison population and ‘criminals’ vs. kingpins and white collar crime. This module gets into the question of “intersections”. This refers to a particular approach taken on by many scholars in studying race and racism both in its historical and contemporary expressions. The idea is that a significant part of the impact and legacy of the idea of race, and indeed of racism, is in how race comes to intersect with a range of other subject positions. The intersections between race and socio-economic class have become of particular significance for scholars studying race and racism both in the present and historically. Thinking about race-class intersections essentially means thinking about how racialized groups become locked into certain class positions in society. People become “classed” in society at the same time as they are “raced”. For one thing, we might think about this in terms of the kinds of stereotyped symbolic connections between race and class that exist out there in the public imaginary (i.e., whiteness associated with suburban middle or upper-middle class lifestyles, and so). But the point of significance for many scholars in thinking about how race and class intersect goes well just symbolic or ideological intersections – race and class intersect in fundamentally structural ways.

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