How Korean Contemporary Art accept in Global Art Scene and find out what kinds of strategies and policy are needed to promote Korean Contemporary Art?

The table of Content for Literature Review. 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Cultural Globalism 2.2.1. Definition of Globalism 2.2.2. What is Cultural Globalisation 2.2.3. The process and consequences of globalisation for culture The production of sameness The production of difference 2.3. Culture Diplomacy 2.3.1. Culture Diplomacy & Public Diplomacy 2.3.2. Cultural Relations 2.3.3. Soft Power 2.3.4. Nation Brand 2.4. Culture Diplomacy & Relations policy in Korea 2.4.1. System and Governance of Korea for Culture Diplomacy & Relations policy Policy 2.4.2. History and Characteristic of Korean Culture Relation ( Culture Diplomacy ) 2.4.3. Korean Wave 2.3. The Contemporary Art in Global 2.3.1. Definition of Contemporary Art 2.3.2. The Contemporary Art in context of Globalism. 2.4. Arts Marketing for Arts Market Management 2.4.1. The concept of Art Marketing and Culture Marketing. 2.4.2. “Way” to promote participant for Contemporary Art. 2.4.3. The problems and limitations of Art market facing. —- Instruction from a Supervisor : You literature review is very detailed, and is going to be a squeeze to fit it all in to the words space. This suggests that what you need to do is to think clearly not that you have to cover literature x, y and z; but, rather, what do you need to say about the problem/question and why does it matter, and to whom. Thinking in this way will focus you mind about your objectives. Then, you should take these clear objectives (what you want to find out). In that way the findings should echo the questions.

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