Shanaya’ Care Study

The introduction did not have what, how and why I have also sent you and example of clinical reasoning including other no Please input Shanaya’s full Care Plan in Appendix not forgetting all sources in Harvard style referencing, ‘Cite Them Right’ with the full context of where the books were Published. A full account of Shanya’s conditions, medications, and outcomes explaining each in full with sources how these could be resolved should be accounted for in her care plan. 1.1 Learning outcomes to be assessed Within the context of caring for patients/ clients you will be able to: 1. Apply in-depth knowledge which underpins clinical reasoning and decision making in the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of patient centred care. 2. Utilise a systematic approach in gathering and interpreting data and respond appropriately where there are signs of deteriorating physical and mental health. 3. Critically evaluate available evidence in the selection of a range of nursing interventions contributing to improved patient outcome. 4. Critically reflect upon individual clinical judgement and decision making and the extent to which this is informed by local/national policies and guidelines


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