Simulation Marketing Action Plan

Based on the extent to which our strategies produced the expected outcome, changes in the macro environment, and changes in our company, we modify our strategies and our projections accordingly for the next planning period. For your own benefit, articulate your assumptions around which you base your strategies for advancing your first live decision. Advance Decision for Period #1. After the current live year is submitted (Year 1) and you have reviewed your results, modify, as you determine necessary, your objectives/expected outcomes for the next three or five years, as outlined in the memo you submitted last week. Remember, your “old” Year 2 becomes your new Year 1, the old Year 3 becomes Year 2, Year 4 becomes Year 3, and so on. Always keep in mind their relationship to your target objectives for Year 9. You should repeat and chronical this thought process with each new decision as you go through the simulation; you will document the process in memo form in specific modules (3 and 5) for multiple periods. Make sure your report briefly explains your premises for decisions used to advance Decision #1 and modifications you intend to make to objectives going forward for subsequent years, as well as the strategies and tactics you are modifying and/or adding to achieve these objectives. You will use the results from these and upcoming reports as the basis for completing your chosen Final Project option. Review the Final Project options for context in how these reports will apply and support that assignment. Your report should meet the following requirements: Be one-and-a-half to two pages long Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources from the CSU-Global Library. Include them at the end of your memo on a Reference page as you would any a formal paper according to the CSU-Global Guide writing.

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