Time machine

You find yourself in a Time Machine and you quickly see an instruction sheet next to a computer screen. The instruction sheet informs you that you need to stop in the Franco- prussian war period. You will need to know about this place and time. You will need to be able to converse about events occurring, and those that happened immediately before that influence this period. To do this, you should choose a location that most intrigued you with the discussions In the essay describe what you see, what you hear, what is being said amongst the public and elite. You will need to choose at least four primary source documents to use in your essay (you must cite these), and you will need to explain why this period is so significant in your viewpoint (at least two must be ones we have used in this course: use the History Department resources tab see the syllabus, for more). After all, you did stop your time machine here. Some other points to consider: what problems do you see occurring, how does this period compare to modern civilization, and can this period (or place, depending on how you frame yourself) compare to a place you have lived or visited?

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