African and American religion traditions

Paper instructions

Your topic, however, should be focused and specific (not just a general comparison
of the many ways two religions are similar and different).
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
– Your proposal will explain the topic and presentation format you have chosen and give a brief outline of your plan for the project.
– Your annotated bibliography will list at least two scholarly sources that you plan to use in your project and briefly explain what the sources are and how you will
be using them.
– Together, your proposal and annotated bibliography should be at least one page
American and African Traditions
• A comparison between of the view of deity in an indigenous religion and religion customarily
considered monotheistic, such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.
• Compare the development of arts within different indigenous religions, paying attention to one or
more components of visual art, sculpture, clothing, body art, music, dance, theater, and literature.
• Compare the role of religion in responding to European colonialism in at least two indigenous
• Explore the differences and similarities in how Yoruban religion combined with Roman Catholicism in different Caribbean nations producing the different

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