Argumentative Essay Draft Jim Crow

Paper instructions

The purpose of an argumentative or persuasive essay is to convince your reader that your position on a particular issue is credible. Argumentation is not about proving that you are right or wrong, but instead about demonstrating that you can support your position with solid evidence, thus presenting a viable perspective.
Topic: After reading The New Jim Crow, write an essay that addresses the ways in which:
1. Michelle Alexander addresses the question of mass incarceration
2. You evaluate the strength and credibility of Alexander’s claims.
Defend your position with evidence from the text. Develop your argument by including relevant personal experience, anticipating counterclaims or competing views, and giving at least 2 examples from history or current events.
Secondary Sources Required: three, from library resources / databases only
Please note that if you choose to use additional internet sources anyway, your paper will be reduced by one letter grade per improperly located source.
Length of Paper: 3-4 pages (works cited may not start until page 4, and the paper must be a minimum of 3 completely full pages. If your paper is shorter than the minimum required length, expect your score to be significantly reduced.)
• essay does not contain more than 20% borrowed material, even if it is cited. You can review your similarity report based on your draft for a sense of where you are on this.

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