Civic Engagement

Directions: Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation presents your research and pitches an initiative or project that you could implement to support the organization in the future.  Remember to cite your sources on the final slide, and make sure your project includes the following:

  • A description/overview of the organization you are researching and the issue/cause it addresses.
  • Why were you attracted to this organization, cause, or issue? What did you want to learn from researching it? What did you learn from researching it?
  • Historical information of the organization you are researching; you may also include historical information about the cause/issue.
  • Who is the leader of this organization, and what is this person’s leadership style?
  • What obstacles does this organization face? What leadership practices/strategies are used by this organization to overcome obstacles?
  • What is your service project or initiative? Outline how you implement your project. How would it benefit the organization?
  • What leadership skills would you like to enhance or develop? How could this project help you cultivate these skills?
  • What else would you expect to learn from this experience?
  • Would contributing at the community level contribute to the overall success of the organization? Explain.
  • Would your project have a global impact at the local level? Explain.
  • How can others get involved to support the organization?
  • A slide to include your conclusion/final thoughts.
  • The final slide should list your sources using APA style.

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