– Event promotion and publicity

Nothing sells like celebrity

Q1. Which celebrity would you most like to meet at an event and why?

Q2. What factors need to be considered when choosing the right celebrity endorser for your event?

Q2. What are the potential risks associated with celebrity endorsements?

Fire Walking at London Zoo

Q1. Who would be your target audience for a fearless fire walking challenge?

Q2. Which are the best methods of promotion to reach your chosen target audience?

Q3. Which types of message appeals would you use and why?

Conference and Hospitality Show

Q1. Can you give some examples of ways to use social media before, during, and after an event such as the Conference and Hospitality Show?

Q2. What are the pitfalls of engaging with your audience on social media?

Q3. What are your top tips on using social media to engage with your audience?​


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