Philosophical Issues

In Hinduism, there is the belief that our soul is eternal and it can transmigrate or move from one body/lifetime to another driven by the winds of karma, which are one’s past actions. Do you think that this is possible or do you think that death is the end? Perhaps you believe that after we die we continue to exist, but in a spiritual body in another heavenly or hellish realm.
Reincarnation cartoon — The Asheville Past Lives Project
Is Reincarnation in the Bible? –
Questions: (1) Do you think we have a soul why or why not? (2) What is the nature of this soul if you believe it exists; is it something separate from the rest of who/what we are; is it merely a byproduct or epiphenomenon of neuronal activity in the brain; where is it located within the body? (3) What do you think happens when we die and what do you base your answer on (e.g. modern science, faith, scripture, hope, perhaps a near death or paranormal experience).
In the religions of Jainism and Hinduism the doctrine known as ahimsa is discussed. Ahimsa, which advocates non-violence, is understood in a number of different ways in India. For some people, it refers to equality and fairness between all people regardless of race, age, or gender. For other individuals, the doctrine takes on a far more radical dimension extending to any living or animate creature all the way down to bacteria. In the 21st century many Green/Eco Movements have adopted the ahimsa ideal as a way of fostering respect for the environment. If all levels of the environment are alive and interrelated and there is reincarnation, which allows beings to move up or down the chain of being, then all beings are important and have an intrinsic value.
4. Where would you draw the line with non-violence (bacteria, insects or perhaps only mammals, primates or just human beings)? Put differently, do you think it is ok to kill an ant, but not a spider, or maybe a spider, but not a rat etc.

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