Political science Analysis Essay- Predictive Profiling

Paper instructions

Description: Students will prepare a research paper that answers the question: Given conflicting studies on the value of racial and terrorist profiling and setting them aside for this paper, how might what is known about psychological behavior and the terrorist’s mind be used in the predictive profiling of terrorists also known as the Israeli security model? Thinking about your answer in the context of the whole course. As you review the materials on predictive profiling and the Israeli security model, investigate aspects of individual and cultural psychology then apply the predictive profiling and Israeli security model and discuss its relevance to the practice of strategic security. Justify your response using cited and referenced sources.
Audience: Assume the audience of the paper is a decision maker who has asked for your analysis of terrorist organizations.
Sources: Please provide at least five different sources to support your discussion. Document them with in-text citations and on a references page.

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