Psychology Essay

(Make sure to listen the lectures and read the text before responding to the questions. In order to receive full credit, you must respond to all of the questions and respond to one other student’s post. To respond to another student’s post, click on the reply button of the response you would like to reply to, a box will appear and you can type in your response, and when you are done you click on post reply. If you do not respond to another student’s post, you will not get full credit for your response. Please also use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. in your responses. 

Chapter 1 Questions (separate your response to each question into its own paragraph):

1) Explain how psychology relates to the concept of adjustment (2 points).

2) Explain what is meant by the paradox of progress (2 points).

3) Provide an example of the paradox of progress (2 points).

4) Explain one research design (experiment, correlation, survey, case study, naturalistic), including the strengths and weaknesses to the approach (2 points).

Chapter 2 (separate your response to each question into its own paragraph):

  1. Choose one personality theory either psychoanalytic, behavioral classical conditioning, behavioral operant conditioning, or behavioral social cognitive theory), humanistic, or biological and provide an example of how the theory you chose explains how personality is shaped (2 points).
  2. Take the Big Five Assessment Test (either online: to an external site.) or using the paper-pencil version: The Big Five Test PDF.pdf). How did you score on the 5 personality traits (2 points)?
  3. What was your personality profile on the Myers-Briggs (either online: (Links to an external site.)or using the paper-pencil version:MBTI-1.pdf . Do you think your results on the Myers-Briggs are accurate? * If you take the the Big Five or Myers-Briggs online you do not need to login or purchase anything for either of the tests (2 points).
  4. Discuss one other concept you learned about in the chapter (2 points).

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