Research Cultural and Diversity Psychology/Mental Health Paper: Muslim Women in Sports and Islam

Discussion section adequately summarizes expected results in the context of existing literature. Proposal concludes with a discussion of strengths, limitations, and future directions related to psychology and diveristy
All citations and references were and coded in APA format. Font, spacing and APA format are correct.
1. Abstract
2. Introductory section
3. Body
4. Conclusion/summary
5. Implication or further research
Muslim Women in Sports and Islam related to cultural diversity and psychology (mental health)
Some Concepts:
Cultural barriers related to culture and religion
Impact on identity, self-esteem, mental/psychological health
Positive and negative mental health effects
Acculturation to modern sports culture
Culture between cultural tradition and modernization
Discrimination in sports, discrimination in Islamic culture, being marginalized effects on psychological health
Islamic feminism and psychological health
Use Sci-Hub to access articles:
Some Suggested Possible Articles:
The Status of Muslim Women in Sport: Conflict between Cultural Tradition and Modernization:
Young Norwegian-Pakistani women and sport: How does culture and religiosity matter? :

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