Advanced Social Media Marketing

1. Come up with two or three ideas for infographics related to your topic. 2. Come up with two or three ideas for inspirational style graphics for your topic.  3. Think about the visual storytelling style of images. What are two ways you could leverage visual storytelling for this topic?  4. Is it possible to use a step-by-step style image related to your topic? If so, list two ideas, including the steps that would be portrayed.    5. What types of images do your existing customers and target audience tend to post? Brainstorm two ideas for consumer-generated image campaigns.  © Copyright 2016, Simplilearn. All rights reserved. P a g e | 3 Topic 2: Video Based Content Ideas • Whether you produce video or gather it from consumers, video has a powerful marketing impact. Choose a product or service of concept you wish to promote for your brand, and then consider the types of video-based content and brainstorm a few ideas using the questions below. 1. Come up with one or two ideas for a video focused on storytelling. Create one story idea told from the brand perspective and another from the consumer perspective.  2. Outline an idea for a DIY or “how-to” style video related either to your products and services or to the ways in which your customers might use them. 3. Brainstorm at least two ideas for a live-stream video. Which channel would you livestream from and what would your content consist of? 4. Create an idea for a viral video, one that plays to emotions and is highly shareable. Outline your idea and the reason for choosing it below.

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