Analysis of Yukio Mishima’sTemple of the Golden Pavilion

You are to write a five to eight page (1250-1500 word) analysis of Yukio Mishima’sTemple of the Golden Pavilion. Speaking of your thesis . . .You will be responsible for developing your own thesis. Remember that a thesis is thewriter’s (in this case, yours) opinion on the subject (in this case, Mishima’sGolden Pavilion).Your thesismust focus on the novel’s setting(s), characterization(s), plot, point of view,symbolism, theme, or writing style. If you feel confident (or at the very least comfortable), youmay fill our requisite pages with nothing more than your own analysis of whichever element(s) offiction you have chosen to apply to Mishima’s masterpiece (awesome alliteration!) Or, if youlike, you may put Temple of the Golden Pavilion into the context of Mishima’s life, times,culture,

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