Critical Appraisal of Literature using the John Hopkins EBP Tools

: What is the best Sepsis early detection tool?

Depending on the literature, please use the appropriate (whether quantitative or qualitative; research or non-research) appraisal tool (attached):

1. Research Evidence Appraisal Tool
a. Section 1. QuaNtitative Appraisal
b. Section 2. QuaLitative Appraisal
c. Section 3. Mixed Methods Appraisal

2. Non-research Evidence Appraisal Tool
a. Section 1. Level IV Appraisal
b. Section 2. Level V Quality Appraisal

There are 12 literatures, two of them are highlighted in yellow – those are the articles that I don’t have a full text. If you can not find a full text on those two then just make the other TEN that weren’t highlighted.

So, there will be either 10 or 12 STUDY FINDINGS as the case may be.

B) Synthesize everything using the Synthesis and Recommendations Tool (attached). Write up to 150 words in each section of this tool. There are 8 sections total if ALL are applicable. If a particular section is NOT applicable, then just leave it blank.

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