Details for nursing students Medication safety is an integral part of nursing and midwifery best practice

2: Guided questions Once you have read your qualitative and quantitative study articles you are required to use the Guided questions answer template (DOC 25 KB)Preview the document to write 1500 words responding to the guided questions listed below. It is important to note that the template is designed to allow you to respond to the questions for both research articles clearly and individually. Guided questions Significance and aim (200 words) (100 words per research study article) What is the aim and significance of the study? Methods (700 words) (350 words per research study article) Identify the research design used in the study and describe the main characteristics of the identified research design Discuss the sampling technique, inclusion and exclusion criteria used for the selection of sample in the study Explore the data collection method and its appropriateness to the research design of the study Data analysis and results (600 words) (300 words per research study article) How was the data analysed and was it appropriate for the study? What were the findings/results of the study? Discuss the limitations and recommendations of the study?

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