Education: Critical Thinking Responses

Prompt #1
Reflect on your first days of kindergarten and first grade. Were you “ready” for school? How did you know? What made it easy or hard for you when you started school? What did the school or teacher do to help or to hinder your first school experiences? What other experiences have you had with school readiness? How might knowledge of issues relating to school readiness be helpful as you begin to work with young children?

Prompt #2
Who do you think should be responsible for early care and education? What do you think the role of government should be? What do you think policymakers should do to meet the needs of young children in your community, your state, and the nation?

Prompt #3
In the first paragraph:

Summarize the Progressive Education movement. Make sure to mention John Dewey and the legacy of progressive education

For the second paragraph:

Reflect on your experiences in preschools and kindergartens. How did the programs that you attended as a child or that you have observed or taught in seem to reflect the programs described here? How were they different? What were the programs like? What were your reactions to them?

Prompt #4
Think about the Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio programs described here. What are your reactions to each of them? Which appeals to you the most? Have you had any experience with them or noticed their influence in programs you have observed and worked in?

Chapter 4
Prompt #5
In the first paragraph:

Think about a time when you were unhappy and under stress and another time when you were especially happy and productive. How well were your basic needs being met during these times? What made it possible for you to be happy and productive? What do these conclusions suggest for your work with young children

In the second paragraph:

Briefly explain how negative experiences or absence of appropriate stimulation at certain times during childhood may impact the developing brain.

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