Effect of Classroom Design on Collaborative Skills in Elementary school

Literature Review

The purpose of your literature review (8-10 pages) is to report on what has recently been written about your action research focus and to find relevant research on a specific topic, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the studies, and compare of contrast the studies based on your research focus. You will be synthesizing the writings of 15 authors, citing and referencing in an objective and unbiased manner. You must have a minimum of ten primary research-based articles, (fifteen total) in your review.  A literature review is not just a set of summaries of the available studies; it is more than just a list of materials available. You should not discuss the issues involved or take a position, being careful not to go beyond describing the authors’ views. The paper should be in paragraph form, follow APA 7 style, be at least 8 pp. in length and include the following components: Introduction, Literature Review, Summary and Reflections.

There are four major purposes for the literature review.  It should:

  1. relate directly to the research questions under study.
  2. synthesize, rather than summarize results.
  3. identify controversial areas related to this topic.
  4. help to formulate questions for further study.

A literature review has four sections:

  1. The introduction.

In this short section you will restate why your study is important, define important terms and concepts, and provide a framework for the rest of the paper.  You may arrange your research articles in a theoretical ore methodological approach.

  1. The justification.

This section describes the search procedures used to locate the studies, the reasons for limiting the studies to those under consideration and explains any other limits that the reviewer imposes.  For example, you may limit studies bases on time frame, method, or traits of the research sample.

III.       The review of individual studies.

Here you organize your studies based on the framework you described in the introduction.  In this section you provide the critical information about each study that is required to understand why it is being included.  In this section you synthesize the results of the studies by grouping, comparing and contrasting designs and results.

Cross-study information or conclusions.

In this section you provide a brief summary of the problem and your collection of research.  This section will include your summary chart.  Create a visual representation of how the components of the study (sample, design, data collection) yielded the results by looking for [patterns and relationships].  Conclude with a brief section (list format is fine) of recommendation for further research.

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