Effective leadership is culturally dependent

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become aware that effective leadership is culturally dependent. This means that the culture of a country can have a rather large influence on leadership success. What works in one culture may not work in another. In this assignment we look at the cultural differences between China and the US and how those differences require a different style of management. Assignment Overview – Assume that you are being sent to China to run a division of your company’s overseas operations. Let’s assume that you were born and raised in the States and you have been managing for five years in your current position at a manufacturing facility in the Midwest. Now that you are going overseas you want to understand what Chinese workers look for in a leader and what it will take to be a successful leader in China. In order to do so you decide to research the following. 1. List and describe 2 business norms that you need to be aware of when managing in China. 2. Based upon your research, name 3 expectations Chinese workers have for their managers that differ from the expectations of American workers . How would those differences impact your behavior in China. What adjustments would you have to make? 3. Geert Hofstede conducted a seminal study on cultural differences and leadership. He identified a number of dimensions on which cultures differ. We want to explore the differences between the US and China on the following three dimensions,

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