Family Therapy

Select a family in the community or family of an individual client that you are working with, in the clinical area. Utilizing ANA’s Standards of Practice, develop a paper. Seventh edition APA format is mandatory
Assessment -Assess the family utilizing the following assessment tools or methods (Family assessment, genogram, interpersonal recording & cultural assessment). Include demographics and background of family and identified patient.

Analysis-Analyze the patient using identified theories and recommended theorists. Discuss and include stage of development of the family system, roles and relationships among family, discuss the family’s communication pattern (dyad, triad etc.)

Planning- Develop and discuss the comprehensive Treatment Plan including DSMV diagnoses & ICD Codes for IP & family with rationale,

Intervention- Discuss psychotherapy & pharmacotherapeutic modalities initiated or you would recommend, support all interventions with rationale; Referrals for the identified client and family with rationale.

Evaluation- As an Advanced Practice Nurse evaluate actual outcomes if possible (or what you would expect) and establish future goals with family and/or client. What might you have done differently?

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