Intervention Plan Design Context

Part 1: Intervention Plan Components. Part 1: Intervention Plan Components Define the major components of an intervention plan for a health promotion, quality improvement, prevention, education, or management need. Explain the impact of cultural needs and characteristics of a target population and setting on the development of intervention plan components. Part 2: Theoretical Foundations Evaluate theoretical nursing models, strategies from other disciplines, and health care technologies relevant to an intervention plan. Justify the major components of an intervention by referencing relevant and contemporary evidence from the literature and best practices. Part 3: Stakeholders, Policy, and Regulations Analyze the impact of stakeholder needs, health care policy, regulations, and governing bodies relevant to health care practice and specific components of an intervention plan. Part 4: Ethical and Legal Implications Analyze relevant ethical and legal issues related to health care practice, organizational change, and specific components of an intervention plan.

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