Lance Armstrong and use of performance enhancing drugs.

Make a case for Lance Armstrong and his hiding his use of performance enhancing drugs. Do you believe that he should have been stripped of his Gold Medal a decade after he won it? Why or why not? The MLB reports twice the number of players on Adderall than the general population. If you were a team manager or owner, would you make a player “proud” he has ADHD before you agreed he needed to be on Adderall knowing it is becoming controversial? Explain in detail Make a case for using drugs that can give individuals an edge in their life. For example, define this – there is a new product on the market called “Focus.” This new product will help individuals who are getting ready to take a test, try a case, go on duty as a police officer or do anything that requires a great amount of focus. You have been hired to promote the drug. What would you say? How would you get the word out? Would it concern you if the FDA released it prior to knowing if there might be long term issues with it? Test show it has an ED99/LD1. Be detailed.

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