Leadership Profile of Steve Jobs

This paper will be an in-depth evaluation of a public leader. Therefore, you are going to want to find information on a leader (you get to define that term in this case) by reading newspaper articles, websites, accounts of others, biographies, etc. In a 5 – 8 page paper (double-spaced, Times 12 point font, 1″ margins) develop a profile of that leader. In doing so, you will also connect course concepts and theories to your explanation and then connect those to your understanding of your own leadership style. You should cite the textbook and at least 2 other peer-reviewed scholarly research articles Instructions Start your paper with an introduction that describes your paper and previews the main sections of the paper. In the first 2 pages, provide background information on the leader you selected. Here are some things that you might want to include (this is not an exhaustive list, so if there is something else that you want to include, please do…you also do not need to include all of this: Background on early life – birthplace, birthdate, parents, childhood, etc (include any stories, if you have them) Growing up – what do you know about how this person grew up? Are there any anecdote that might give us insight into their development? Education – did they have any formal education? If so, what do you know about their formal education?

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