management :Question-Answer

1. Identify a type of business and suggest how it could be improved using a lean strategy.

2. Provide an example of a lean system and identify the role of the suppliers and the customers in your system.

3. Explain the relationship between quality and productivity under the lean philosophy. Provide two examples.

4. Identify a business and describe in detail how a Kanban system could be utilized within this business.

5. How could employee empowerment be beneficial to a lean manufacturing operation? Provide two workplace examples.

6. In your own words, describe the difference between a fixed-quantity and a fixed-period inventory system. Create an example for each type of system.

7. What are the main reasons that an organization has inventory? How can inventories cover up poor quality manufacturing?  Cite specific examples.

8. Describe the costs associated with ordering and maintaining inventory.

9. Provide an example of obsolescence and lost opportunity cost and discuss their impact on inventory carrying costs.

10. How can inventory shrinkage be reduced?

11. Why is the MRP process referred to as an “explosion”?

12. What functions of the firm affect an MRP system? How?

13. Discuss the following videos.  How could the information contained in these videos be beneficial to you in business?

14. Comment on the following article.  How could the information contained in this video be beneficial to you in business?

15. Discuss this simple presentation of Kaizen information. How could this concept be utilized in a business operations setting?  Provide an example.

16. What is input-output control? Provide an example

17. Why is the scheduling of services difficult? Provide an example.

18. Name five priority-sequencing rules. Using examples explain how each works to assign jobs.

19. Explain the difference between backward scheduling and forward scheduling. Provide an example of each.

20. When is Johnson’s rule best applied in job-shop scheduling?

21. Comment on the following video.  How can these training and efficiency concepts be applied to manufacturing?

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