Second Language Teaching and Learning

write a 4000-word paper that will investigate a particular aspect of second language teaching and learning. The students can investigate a range of topics, such as:

The impact of a certain teaching method on learners’ achievement.

Learners’ attitudes towards a certain method of teaching

First language interference in SLA

Codeswitching in the language classroom

Nonlanguage influences on SLA (motivation, aptitude, affect, etc.)

Focus on form

A critical review of teaching methodologies

The assignment is expected to demonstrate an element of research related to the following format:


This section provides an overview of the selected topic, introduces the rationale and significance of the study and states the research questions (objectives).

Theoretical framework/Conceptual framework

This section explains the theory/theories that underpins/underpin the selected topic. It can also elucidate the concepts used across the study.

Literature review

This section provides a critical analysis of the studies that addressed the same topic. A minimum of 20 studies should be addressed in this part.


This section accounts for the methodology used in your paper (quan/qual/mixed-methods) with an explanation of the choice. It also accounts for the sampling, setting, instrumentation and design. It is important in this section to account for the ethical considerations (how approvals were obtained).


This section reports the findings of the study. The findings should typically link to the research questions.


This section discusses the findings and focuses on the meaning behind each set of findings. The discussion can have links to the literature as well.

Conclusion and recommendations

This part sums up the study and reports the conclusions. It also contains recommendations that are tightly built on the findings of the study. In this section, you might also pinpoint the limitations of your work.


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