The purpose of this assignment is to examine stereotypes on television to see if it promotes prejudice and discrimination. Pick a television program (you can also use a movie if you want) of your choice; it should be something fairly current and can be a drama or a situation comedy. Using what you have learned from your readings, analyze the program and answer the following questions in your essay: What is the overall storyline and setting of the television program/movie? Who are the main characters? (Remember you will need to provide a proper citation for the program/movie.) Does the program portray the main or supporting characters in a stereotypical manner in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc? If yes, describe the stereotypes and explain how the stereotypes might promote prejudice and discrimination. If the program does not seem to promote stereotypes, explain how it was able to avoid doing so. Discuss the impact of stereotypes depicted in the media on individuals and society, using at least two contemporary examples.

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