VAM Tour

As you put together your tour, here are the criteria you must meet: 1. You will need to decide on a clear, concrete theme that will allow you to explore a particular aspect of the collection with the museum’s visitors. Your theme should elaborate a particular concern or pattern that you have noticed throughout your study of art history. It must not be so general that nearly any work in the VAM could fit into it (e.g., human creativity or architecture). You may not use any of the themes you have already explored in the course, such as The Body or Religious Experience. 2. Your tour will need a creative title that clearly reflects its theme. 3. Your tour needs to support the museum’s educational mission. Revisit the Welcome page where I first shared the museum’s mission with you. 4. Your tour will need to consider four works currently in the VAM’s collection (i.e., the online course materials). The tours must take the museum visitor to at least three of the VAM’s rooms. 5. Your tour should be in an essay format and be 1,250-1,750 words.

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