VIrtue Ethics vs Care Ethics

The essay paper assignment is 100 points, and is 25% of your final grade. This assignment is meant to test your ability to explain ethics more in depth and to critically analyze and compare different approaches to ethics. This must be a new essay written specifically for this class by you individually. Topic: Pick any two out of the following ethical theories: Ethical egoism*, utilitarianism, deontology*, virtue ethics, and care ethics. First, give you own cohesive summary of each of those two theories. Second, discuss the comparative strengths and weaknesses of each theory and give your own argument for which is a better approach to ethics (or why both are equally good/bad). *Students writing on egoism should focus specifically on ethical egoism; students writing on deontology should focus specifically on Kant’s form of deontology. Summary: You should summarize each of the two theories you are discussing

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