A study of the Effectiveness of Expo2020 Communication Strategies.

Thesis proposal

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Academic Year: 2021 Semester: 3
Suggested Thesis Title: A study of the Effectiveness of Expo2020 Communication Strategies.
Write a thesis topic proposal of no more than 300 words. A good proposal should be able to answer the following key questions:

–          What does your thesis want to study/analyze exactly? Be specific and brief. (No more than two sentences).

–          Why do you think the topic is important to study? Who would benefit from reading it?

–          Are there any specific theories or concepts you are going to use in the thesis?

–          What are the key questions the thesis is going to answer? (Please provide three to four questions).

–          What are the research methods(s) you intend to use to answer the research questions?

–          Briefly indicate the time framework or schedule that you are going to follow to finish your thesis.


The proposed thesis will analyze the effectiveness of Expo 2020 communication strategies. The main focus will be on the marketing strategies used to promote the event worldwide. Expo 2020 is being held in Dubai for 182 days, showcasing revolutionary technologies and global innovation (Expo 2020, 2021). For the event to be successful, innovative marketing strategies have to be employed to reach all audiences worldwide and attract a large number of visitors.

Studying this topic is essential for students majoring in communication. The study aims to reveal the marketing strategies used to promote big events and reach target audiences across different geographical regions. The study will also be helpful to marketers, organizational leaders, and business owners, who can learn from the successes and failures of Expo 2020 when creating future campaigns.

The thesis will incorporate various communication theories and concepts, such as agenda-setting theory and uncertainty reduction theory, among others. The study will also cover concepts such as strategic communication, which was recently explored by Van Ruler (2018). The main aim of the study will be to address the following research questions:

  • What communication strategies were employed by Expo 2020?
  • What communication strategies were used to specifically reach the domestic and international markets by Expo 2020?
  • What type of consumer marketing campaigns were used to reach individual visitors for Expo 2020?
  • How effective were the communication strategies used by Expo 2020?

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