Analyze Nawal El Saadawi’s In Camera using postcolonial feminist theory

Responses to written assignment questions are expected to be well developed and reasonably detailed. Each essay should be at least three double-spaced, typed pages (at least 750 words). Answers should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the course materials. Do not merely copy answers from your reading materials, but when you make use of material from your readings, be sure you cite it properly (i.e., with footnotes or endnotes). Analyze Nawal El Saadawi’s In Camera using postcolonial feminist theory. Do you agree or disagree with Young’s critique of Western intervention for the sake of women’s rights? Support your arguments with examples from the assigned reading and outside research. The Norton Anthology of World Literature (Vol. F), pages 1104-1115 Introduction to Nawal El Saadawi “In Camera

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